Consac takes pleasure in providing industry-leading steel structural design and detailed engineering services. Structural analysis and assessment, 3D modeling, steel detailing, and drafting are all part of our full range of services. We contribute a wealth of expertise in various types of steel and steel-based alloys, thanks to our commitment to innovation and adherence to worldwide industry standards.

Our structural designers have a thorough understanding of various steel types and alloys. They excel in calculating stress-resistance and load-bearing parameters for a diverse range of components such as steel beams, columns, braces, connections, and hangers. Aside from that, our designers show a command of geometrical forms and the sophisticated mathematics that support the construction process.

Our designers combine history and innovation, having knowledge and experience in worldwide industry standards. We endeavour to build structures that are not only useful and economical, but also safe. Our designs are meticulously developed to withstand internal and external pressures and forces, assuring lifespan and resilience in a variety of settings.

Diverse Applications

Consac specializes in providing steel structural design, validation, and detailing services for an extensive range of structures, including:

Industrial Structures

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Composite Structures
  • Equipment Support Structures
  • Pre-Engineered Building (PEB) Structures

Residential Structures

  • Condos
  • Villas
  • Multistorey Flats

Specialized Structures

  • Churches, Schools, Auditoriums
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Structures
  • Stacks

High-Rise Building Structures

  • Multistorey Buildings
  • Hospitals and Medical Buildings
  • Hotels
  • PPrefabricated Building Structures

Commercial Building Structures

  • Malls
  • Warehouses
  • Multilevel Parking Structures
  • Theatres
  • Showrooms

Commitment to Excellence

Consac is committed to delivering excellence in all its projects. We take a rigorous approach to every aspect of our work, whether it's precision in 3D modeling or the nuances of steel detailing. Our mission is to not only meet but also exceed industry standards, providing our clients with constructions that will survive the test of time. Consac provides cutting-edge steel structural design and engineering services that will take your projects to new levels of excellence and safety.