• CAD to BIM conversion
  • Existing condition modeling from CAD, pdf or scanned drawings
  • BIM modeling of Architecture, Structure, MEP FP components
  • BIM-enabled design coordination
  • Clash detection and resolution
  • DD, CD drawing production from BIM
  • BIM Analytics and BIM-based visualization support
  • Model change management


  • Bidding support
  • Design-to-construction model conversion
  • Construct-ability analysis
  • Clash detection and trade coordination
  • Quantity takeoff and costing
  • 4D modeling and construction sequence simulation
  • As-built modeling & data linking for FM applications
  • Quality assurance using laser scan & BIM models



  • Business need assessment
  • Customized BIM execution plan
  • BIM contracts, scope and management
  • Budgeting and phase-wise CAPEX & OPEX assessment
  • BIM Visualization support for decision making
  • Value engineering, specification management and cost variation
  • Complete Project Coordination
  • As-built model for FM & OM


  • Virtual Modeling- Architecture, Structure, MEP, Site & logistics
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Clash detection, collaborative resolution
  • Complete design coordination
  • Bill verification support
  • Design change management
  • Construction schedule sequencing
  • Energy analysis & sustainability assessment



ATF provides a comprehensive range of architectural, engineering and interior design development, BIM modeling and documentation services to leading international design firms. We work as an “Extended Studio”, seamlessly integrating client’s processes and standards to deliver projects from schematic design through construction documents.Using sketches, 2D drawings, and mark-ups, our team translates designer’s ideas into BIM model and design drawings. BIM models are developed progressively from LOD 100 at concept/schematic stage, to LOD 200 at design development stage, and LOD 300/350 at construction document stage. Models created are coordinated with other trades periodically, to ensure optimized, value-engineered design. Construction documents are prepared based on our client’s documentation and detailing standards. Strict Quality Assurance processes are implemented on all projects. Based on stage of a project and client standards, we customize our quality check templates to ensure that work delivered matches client’s own quality and graphic standards.

Our Services include

  • BIM Execution Plan
  • LOD 100/200/300/350 Modelling
  • Visualization Support and VR
  • Interference Check and Analysis
  • Complete CD Set Production
  • Energy Analysis
  • Scan to BIM
  • Existing condition Modelling


ATF specializes in providing complete range of Virtual Construction services to General Contractors. By leveraging our design and construction experience, we virtually construct existing condition models, and simulate the construction of structure, MEP and architecture systems, based on the construction drawings provided by the design team.We firmly believe that the conventional “BIM modelling” process does not provide value and output that a general contractor would benefit from. Apart from the trade coordination, our customised“Virtual Construction” process enables us to identify and address errors-omissions on drawings, constructability architects and engineers with extensive design and construction experience, in North America. We understand how construction materials, methodologies and techniques are used in various parts of the world. Our 13 years experience working with some of the most reputed construction firms enables us to add value, andcontribute more than a mere BIM modeling team issues, construction sequence clashes, and accessibility and maintenance issues. LOD 400 models created are used to produce coordinated shop drawings. LOD 500 models are developed for As-built and Facility Management purposes.

Our Services include

  • Virtual Construction –LOD 400/500
  • Model Validation with Audit Reports
  • Constructability Analysis
  • BID Support
  • BIM Coordination with Subs
  • Quantity Take Off/Estimation
  • On site Co-ordination
  • COBieIntegration

Sub Contractors

Team ATF works closely with mechanical, electrical, fire protection and interior sub-contractors. We create (or develop) BIM models based on the trade-specific requirements. Models are created using construction drawings, material specification, specific fitting, and equipment selected for each trade.In case design models are available, we perform BIM Audit and transform them into LOD 400 trade-specific models for further coordination, shop drawings production or any other use. We also participate in BIM workshops organized by GC, as sub-contractor’s virtual construction team. Using 2D drawings, scan data, or construction drawings, our team “virtually constructs” each building system, as a “virtual contractor”. Discrepancies found on the construction drawings are reported, and error-omissions rectified. Constructability issues and trade coordination clashes are reported and collaboratively resolved. Building systems are visualized by sub-contractorsteam as well as other trades, and value-engineering possibilities are discussed. 4D Construction sequencing and schedule-based quantities extracted from BIM models can be used for procurement. Strict Quality Assurance processes are implemented on all projects. Models are created based on material specification and shop drawing standards. Our standard quality check templatesare customized to ensure that work delivered matches client’s own quality and graphic standards.

Our Services include

  • Virtual Construction –LOD 400/500
  • BID Support
  • Clash Detection & Coordination
  • MEP Modelling & Detailing
  • Shop Drawing Production
  • System/Equipment Layout drawings
  • Quantity Take Offs
  • As Built Model & Drawings Production

Owners and Developers

Poor use of data, coupled with highly fragmented project teams, costs owners and developers huge avoidable business losses. Statistically, over 60% of large projects fail to meet cost and schedule targets, 30% of construction cost is rework, and over 55% of maintenance is reactive. However, now BIM technology is helping owners and developers reduce losses, minimize risk, and improve profit margins. All large and progressive developers are now mandating BIM use on their projects. We provide following BIM enabled services to owners and developers.

Our Services include

  • Virtual Construction –LOD 400/500
  • BID Support
  • Clash Detection & Coordination
  • MEP Modelling & Detailing
  • Shop Drawing Production
  • System/Equipment Layout drawings
  • Quantity Take Offs
  • On site Co-ordination