Steel Joist Detailing

We are a team of engineers, detailers, project managers and checkers and we provide high quality Steel Joist and Girders design and detailing service. The design of these members is governed by the Steel Joists Institute (SJI) standard specifications. We detail projects of all shapes and sizes. We offer comprehensive joist detailing services that can increase the prospects of our clients and that too with a great speed in this competitive market. Some of the offerings by us are as listed below.

Some of the offering

  • Open Web Steel Joists K-Series
  • DLH-Series and LH-Series
  • Single pitched Joist
  • Double Pitched Joist
  • Bowstring Joist

Steel Deck Detailing

We provide Deck detailing services. Our service’s includes metal and accessories. We also provide deck placement drawings along with proper connection details for the proper installation of the deck. We will stick to the standards and deliver flawless service by ensuring quality and accuracy. Our detailers have handled a wide range of projects in Deck and offer your projects on-time and every time with 100% customer satisfaction.

Some of the services

  • 1 ½”, 3” Roof Deck
  • 4 1⁄2”, 6” & 7.5” Deep Cellular Deck
  • 1 1⁄2”, 2” & 3” Composite Deck
  • 9/16” & 15/16” Form Deck
  • 2” & 3 1⁄2” Dovetail Deck

Woodnailer Joist Detailing

Woodnailer joist detailing involves integrating woodnailers into steel or concrete joist systems to provide enhanced support, additional attachment points, and stable surfaces for various building elements. Woodnailers, which are pieces of lumber or engineered wood, are securely attached to the top of steel or concrete joists, creating a robust base for installing other building components. They are commonly used to support roofing materials, roof curbs, equipment, and architectural features.

Key Elements of Consac Woodnailer Joist Detailing

Design Requirements

Ensure the design meets structural needs and project specifications

Material Choice

Select suitable lumber or engineered wood for durability and performance.

Attachment Techniques

Identify the best methods for securely attaching woodnailers to joists.

Spacing and Layout Planning

Strategically plan spacing and layout for optimal support and functionality.

Building Element Connections

Ensure proper connections between woodnailers and other building components.

Integration with Building Systems

Coordinate with other trades to ensure seamless integration of woodnailers.

Deck Estimation

Accurately estimating the required decking is essential in the design and construction of any building or structure. Proper estimation ensures that the right materials are used, minimizing waste and cutting costs. At Consacf, we follow a detailed, step-by-step process to precisely estimate the decking materials needed for your construction project, ensuring a smooth and efficient build.

Joist and Deck Estimation Process

Gather Project Information

Collect all relevant project details.

Identify Load Requirements

Determine the load-bearing requirements for the structure.

Account for Overhangs

Include any required overhangs in the calculations.

Calculate Decking Area

Measure the total area that needs decking.

Add Extra Material

Include additional material to cover waste and errors.

Consult Suppliers

Discuss material needs with suppliers for accuracy and availability.

Create a Material List

Compile a detailed list of all required materials.

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