Transportation Infrastructure

Consac's Transportation Infrastructure division stands at the forefront of infrastructure development, focusing on the vital components of Roads, Runways, Elevated Corridors, and Railways that form the backbone of modern societies.

Our dedicated vertical specializes in the engineering and construction of transportation projects, adhering to the highest international standards of quality, safety, and timely delivery. Leveraging our strategic business units, we offer a comprehensive range of services including Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), item rate, and lump-sum turnkey solutions for transportation infrastructure projects both domestically and internationally.

Among our notable achievements are the Monorail project in Mumbai and our involvement in the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor, showcasing our commitment to delivering iconic and impactful projects that shape the future of transportation.

At Consac, we recognize the critical role that transportation infrastructure plays in fostering economic growth and societal progress. With our expertise, innovation, and dedication, we continue to drive excellence in transportation infrastructure development, empowering nations and connecting communities for a brighter tomorrow.

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