Why do you should learn PoligonSoft ?

Engineering, carried out with the use of SCM LP PolygonSoft, consists in the development of an optimal casting manufacturing technology for your production. For castings that have already been put into production, testing the technology using computer simulation will reveal the true causes of defects, technology instability, and investigate the effectiveness of various measures to modify it. It is often possible to reduce the material and energy intensity of the manufacturing procedure.

Here are some potential reasons why learning PoligonSoft might be beneficial:

  • In some cases, the simulation model of the casting block may include up to hundreds elements. To enable the engineer to work with big models easily the “Model tree” has been added to the “Master-3D” that allows to control the visualization and configuration of the objects flexibly.
  • The own generator of the thin shells allows to generate the multilayer shells of the given thickness in the CAD system without preliminary constructions. Such relatively simple elements of computational region as the covers, lining, heat insulation, etc can be created in this way.
  • «PoligonSoft» has its own verification devices of the finite-element mesh quality (the corners and volumes of the elements are checked). Unsatisfactory elements can be corrected or deleted from the simulation model. A special algorithm analyzes the geometry for the presence of thin walls and locally divides the mesh to improve the accuracy of the calculation.
  • In some casting methods (press molding, for example) it is important to determine the moment when the mold opens out the temperature regime that will determine the quality of the products. “Fourier-3D” allows to perform the cyclic calculations and to consider the mold heating during previous cycles, cooling of the mold at the moment of mold joint, installation of the cores.

Why you should choose Consac?

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What you will learn?

Learn all the ins and outs of PoligonSoft in our learning center, where you will find online guides, video tutorials, test-drives and articles on product-related topics.

  • Filling of the mold
  • Cooling of the foundry and the mold
  • Cyclic processes
  • Porosity
  • Warpage and craсkes
  • Simulated foundry technologies
  • Data base of CSS “PoligonSsoft”
  • The function “Synthesis”
  • Boundary and initial conditions
  • CSS «PoligonSoft” for bulky foundry

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