WiseIndex - A document & drawing archiving solution

WiseIndex is a latest document and drawing archiving solution designed for enterprises. Enterprises can store their digital documents in WiseIndex and free themselves from the clutter. WiseIndex archives documents and also manages revision lifecycle of documents. WiseIndex offers security to your document archive. You must have proper authentication to access anything in WiseIndex. The central storage of the documents are encrypted. So no one outside WiseIndex systems can access them. WiseIndex can be fully customized to fit your company requirements. It also exposes a REST API which be integrated with different applications. WiseIndex also comes integrated with our very own HTML document viewer CSPanorama. Every user of WiseIndex enjoys the host of powerful features of CSPanorama viewer like viewing files from any device, annotations, document navigation and many more absolutely free.


Search Files in Seconds

WiseIndex includes many intuitive searching features so that you can find all your documents and drawings within seconds. WiseIndex incorporates a powerful search engine which lets you search the content of the files as well as custom meta-data search on all types of documents. You can drill down your search by adding various criteria Filter custom fields. Use your queries for quick search, or store them for regular-use in future. Share saved searches with your teammate for collaboration. Group multiple files together to navigate from one to the others. You can also use tagsto quickly find the documents you are looking for. The search engine also provides you with suggestions on your search query.

Check-In and Check-Out Files

You can now ensure that you are working with the latest version of the files, and conflict management on different versions of a file is now a thing of past. The file is automatically checked-out when you or your colleague are working on it. The lock is only removed while the subsequent check-in is performed by the user.

Revision Management

WiseIndex automatically tracks every change made in the archive. Each checked-in file stored as a revision with your custom naming convention. As a user you have option to select whether the revision will be reflected as major or minor change in the document. You can also view a chronological journey of the document in the revision portal.

Audit Trail

WiseIndex records every action in the archive that takes place by its users. That means you get an instant report on who, when, did what on any document or task in WiseIndex. WiseIndex keeps track of every file that are stored in it.

File Viewer

WiseIndex comes integrated withour own HTML Viewer CSPanorama; which means you can view raster, pdf, Office or even CAD files on any device, even in your mobile phones without any native software. You can search texts in the files, draw annotations on top of files and do much more. For more details, visit CSPanorama.

Assign Tasks

Create tasks in WiseIndex and assign them to employees in your organization. Track progress of the task and get notification on every update. You can create tasks against files in WiseIndex, or add multiple files against a particular task. You can also track history of tasks, and add comments on tasks.

Custom Role & Access

WiseIndex Lets you define exactly who can view, annotate or download your files. Give users access according to your company guidelines and achieve peace of mind that your digital archive is secure.

Generate Custom Reports

Create reports in WiseIndex based on the custom field values. Use existing filters or create your own new queries to represent your data as visual reports. Export them in different formats as well.

Secure Document Storage

Created to Manage your Documents Securely.

We stores your valuable documents in server or network storage. WiseIndex Encrypts all files at rest. With strong AES encryption, you can be sure your files can never be accessed by unauthorized persons.

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