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  • General (3)

    In this segment you will get information associated to General issues, Downloads, Guides, documentation and Consac social presence etc.
  • License (2)

    Licensing Process of Consac Product.
  • Panorama (1)

    Panorama is a web based file viewing solution and equipped with HTML5. The viewer supports all raster formats, PDF, and CAD files like dwg and dxf. This HTML5 document viewer provides enriched features and unique performance for annotating your documents. Panorama is an intelligent web application that runs on the network and provides access to files for the users according to their authorization level. Authorized users can also add new user and modify their access permission. Users can store documents in the server and can view documents using the HTML5 viewing technology that does all of the work including decompressing files, breaking up pages, and creating thumbnails at the server side and presents a clean viewing experience for the user. This application is offered on any handheld device connected to the internet which makes handling your organization's documents easy and readily accessible.
  • RenderEM (7)

    RenderEM is designed for enhancing scanned raster images as well as manual and batch
    processing and indexing of scanned images.

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