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RenderEM 3.0 launched

15 Nov, 2017

Hello everybody! We are again here to give you such wonderful news that to...

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RenderEM 2.0 Launched

16 Jan, 2017

Consac Launches RenderEM 2.0, delivering advanced image processing solutio...

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Consac is an Indian software company with branch office in Norway. It develops software like HTML5 document viewer, Image enhancement software and document archiving software. Consac products help companies combining existing ideas and solutions to optimize their business. Marketing and distributing in-house developed solutions as well as distributing solutions from collaborating companies.

Consac has developed its very own HTML5 viewer Panorama. Panorama is part of a total web based document management system that includes indexing and data capture and archiving solutions that are highly customizable and very aggressively priced. It has also developed the high performance image enhancement software for raster images named RenderEM; which is cost effective software and much great software’s is in lieu to release.


Panorama is the innovative web based document viewer software released by Consac. With this viewer you can view, manage and share your images, scanned documents, pdf and CAD files over your network. The application is available on any handheld device connected to the internet.

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Panorama API

Panorama API is the next generation suite of high-speed HTML5 viewing solution released by Consac. It offers supreme support for all standard kinds of document like CAD, PDF, and Raster formats with robust document and image management abilities.

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RenderEM is the free high performance Image enhancement software for raster images released by Consac. RenderEM allows for work with monochrome and color raster images in most of the raster formats including TIFF, BMP, JPG, JPEG and PNG.

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